Celebrating 7 Years

Last night, we did a date night, pandemic style, with a home-cooked meal. We moved from our casual dining area in the kitchen all the way to our fancy dining room table a few feet to the north. We toasted to 7 years together and indulged in some delicious cupcakes, cut with our engraved wedding utensils.

We went back and watched our wedding video, smiling at our vows ceremony where we both mention how we love that we always take time to do special “date nights” with each other. Even in the middle of the pandemic we made our thing happen!

We both wrote our own vows, and promised each other to be faithful to each other, and our family. 7 years later, we’re ready to prove it.

And we still love cupcakes! See below!

There’s about 30 minutes of solid dance floor footage available. If anyone wants to cringe at your “dance moves” let us know. We’ve spared our readers from viewing any of that.

To many more years together, and to our family… Cheers!

Published by Joe Mallet

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