Dear Expectant Mother,

We recognize that the decision you are considering is no small undertaking, and we hope to meet you and thank you for your courage and selflessness. We believe that we can honor the wishes you have for your child to grow up in a loving home.

We are working with an adoption agency that can help you understand your options. They are able to provide counseling, support, and care during and after your pregnancy.

We’ve been preparing for parenthood for over 4 years. Adoption has always been in our plan; we knew our ability to have a biological child was going to be challenging and our treatment options were limited. We tried our hardest, enduring heartbreak after heartbreak through miscarriages and failed fertility treatment. Somehow, with each setback, we only came out more reassured that we wanted to PARENT.

Our family and friends have given us endless support as we prepare to welcome a child. We want you to know that not only will our village support our future child, but they will become YOUR village.

Our amazing friends and family (affectionately known as the “Village”) helped us kick off our adoption journey by throwing a celebration to show their love and support.

Our hearts are open to celebrating you, your culture, and your traditions. We welcome the opportunity to exchange photos and visits at your comfort level.

We promise to provide your child with safety, stability, and most of all, unconditional love. We eagerly await meeting you and learning all about you!

Thank you for your courage,

Gia and Joe

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